The Cr8ve
A love story…

There is a saying that “true love never fails.” While this could be left to a skeptic to critique, let me share with you one couple’s journey through life, love, and the ultimate friendship. This is how the CR8VE all began…

The year was 1959, Joan and Luke walked alongside each other, making eye contact. The two of them had the same thought cross their mind, yet neither of them knew. Strangers at the time, lifelong lovers and friends they would become. This territory became familiar to them – same walk, near the same park, heading down different paths to their destination – opposing bus stops. After a few weeks went by, Luke decided to take the long way home (a decision that changed both of their lives). Luke walked alongside Joan, but this time he also sat beside her on the bench at her stop. He introduced himself, offered to carry her things, and said, “I know this might sound strange, but I “crave” you.” He then said, “let me explain.

The crave is a term I’ve used since I was just a boy. I knew that when I met the woman of my dreams, that I would have this feeling of excitement, energy, and passion. I hope I am not coming across too forward but for these past 15 weeks, I watched you intentionally. I know the things that scare you, I know your favorite color, I know that on Tuesday you have an extra 15 minutes to get your coffee just the way you like it – light with cream and 3 sugars.” After about 10 minutes of Luke rambling, Joan decided to stop him. “Luke, I wanted you to know those things about me. I wanted to you to be intrigued, if you thought I was worth it. But, most of all, I wanted you to come to me and introduce yourself and now that you have, I’m glad you did.” The two of them talked for hours. Several buses went by. Needless to say, neither of them cared if they ever made it home. Some would say this is what love at first sight looks like.

Throughout their daily walks and in-depth conversations, Luke began to consider the emotions he was feeling toward Joan. He knew that this wasn’t going to be a fly-by-night thing, he just knew. So, when he felt the emotions, he acted on them in the most creative ways. Luke enacted the CR8VE – the act of displaying outwardly the emotions he felt inwardly. He wanted to capture the way he was feeling in writing. He began a journal that would soon demonstrate the words he sometimes couldn’t speak as he just stared at Joan.

He admired her smile, her mannerisms, and even her jokes that not many would understand. He decided that this deserved an action. He searched far and near to present her with what looked like a box, but inside had all of her favorites (notes from Luke torn from his notetaking wrapped carefully around her favorite daily cravings she liked to eat, tickets to a local show, and a heart shaped fruit – her favorite of course). This emotion Luke said would be called … Happiness.

About 6 months to the day, Joan and Luke decided to marry. They had 3 children over the next 4 years. Fast forward 60 years. One day,  a man showed up at their home, knocked on the door and said they had some news. While doing a morning run, the man said he noticed a piece of important mail on their front lawn and wanted to bring it to the door – it was addressed to Luke. The letter from his doctor’s appointment the day before which he never opened. The couple opened it together and the results read: “Luke Jones has tested positive for a rare and incurable heart disease, Eisenmenger.” The couple cried that day but their relationship began to change from that point on.

It was then that the couple was reminded of a time not too long ago when their relationship was also challenged and they recovered. The couple had an admiration toward each other like no other. Joan adored the way Luke cared for his family and friends when they first met. She adored how he was as a father and the care and concern that he displayed towards their children. He carefully spent time with each of them (each and every week) just getting to know them and their passions. Joan watched from afar and was careful not to intrude. Joan always longed for a man to love her the way Luke did to his children and so she expressed to Luke how important it was to her that he also demonstrated that same admiration towards her.  This did not happen overnight, however, Luke was determined to keep his wife happy. He left little love notes around their home in every room of the house with words or adoration on them – yes the CR8VE yet again was working! Words of admiration and selfless expressions of love, regularly is what kept the couple together, even when times were tough.

Now, Luke decided that if he was to die that it would not be from that. He started coming home during the middle of the night after partying all night. He became angry and violent towards Joan. All 3 of their children lived far away but when they heard the news of what was happening to their parents, they all returned for some time. Luke refused to get help and refused to return to the doctor. Joan gave Luke an ultimatum and recommended that they go to counseling or that she would file for divorce. Luke agreed and during the very first session the counselor asked, “how did the two of you meet and what made you choose Joan as your wife?” Luke started immediately crying and told the counselor the story of the CR8VE. He was reminded in that moment why he chose to be with Joan and vowed to go back to those very emotions that brought them to sit on the bench 30 years ago.

You see, Joan appreciated the man that he was to her and for her and their children. She expressed her love through her commitment to him through the years, but most importantly through even the toughest of times. Joan appreciated the love Luke displayed towards her and was reminded that love is an action. Showing appreciation through acts of kindness, words, and simple gestures were just some of the ways she was determined to express her love to her husband. Challenging it was, at times, Joan knew that if she was to save her marriage, that her genuine appreciation for who he was as a man was absolutely necessary.

She knew the ins and outs of who Luke was and those very things that made him fall in love with her in the first place. Joan committed to the 30 daily acts of appreciation where she would list all of the things she appreciated about her husband and find 30 unique ways to demonstrate her appreciation of him. This was a challenge, but with the counselor’s help, she knew that she would be successful. Joan too experienced the CR8VE – this time she would be the giver. Day in and day out she would surprise Luke with tokens of appreciation, words of endearment, and some of his favorite treats to accompany them. The emotions began to connect with her daily acts of appreciation until a shift started to happen.

The two continued counseling and Luke expressed that he was soo intrigued by Joan that he began to become emotional and would do gestures for her based off of his emotions to demonstrate his love for her.

The story of the CR8VE is a reminder that love goes through many phases. It is the challenge that not only keeps couples together, but the emotions that connects people in the first place. Oftentimes, we forget what brought us together and most importantly how we display our emotions to one another. The CR8VE assists each and every client with capturing the things you love about someone and showing them with a customized approach. This love may be unique, but the one thing that soo many have in common and cannot afford to lose is the love. Let the CR8VE help you!